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Queer Slang of the Week

15 Jul

Straight but not narrow (adj): a heterosexual individual that is gay-friendly and/or has openly LGBT friends.
ACO says: Basically…they may occasionally ask questions like, “What is a chap stick lesbian?” but my life would be incomplete without them.


Queer Slang of the Week

6 Jul

…arrived in my inbox with the subject “What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of movie?” (A rated ARRRRRRR.) That same great mind is here to teach us that R is for

Right-handed (adj): a synonym for heterosexual, with LGBT individuals referred to as left-handed because they are a minority just as only 10% of the population is left-handed.
ACO says: Basically…bisexuals are ambidextrous.

Queer Slang of the Week

30 Jun

L…G…B…T…Q is for-

Queer flight: a term used when a queer person flees from a small, conservative town or living arrangement to move to a more diverse city.
ACO says: Basically…flocks of queers fly in a rainbow “V.”

Queer Slang of the Week

14 Jun

Time for the big O:https://i2.wp.com/z.about.com/d/shoes/1/0/O/f/Birkenstocks.jpg

O.B.D. (n): short for “oblivious baby dyke,” a young woman who appears to have no idea that she is a lesbian.
ACO says: Basically…the size 5 Birkenstocks gave her away.

Queer Slang is back!

9 May

ACO returns to give us an L-word.

Lavender Law (n): refers to legal issues and government rulings that pertain to or have an impact on the LGBT community.

ACO says: Basically…lavender’s a bit better than violet, right?

Queer Slang of the Week

10 Feb

In this week’s Queer Slang, ACO shows us that there is, in fact, an “I” in…

Iron-closet (n): A homosexual who denies to others that they are gay and also refuses to accept their sexuality internally.
ACO says: Basically…they’re just not comin’ outta that closet.

Queer Slang of the Week

4 Feb

Queer Slang continues–we’re all the way to H!

Hir (pron): A gender-neutral pronoun used by people who identify outside of the gender binary (much like “ze”).

ACO says: Basically… Ze could hir hirself whispering from hir to there.