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A question to ask:

18 Oct

During my American Constitutional Law class tonight, we briefly clarified the principle/policy distinction; in legislative terms, the former is a modifier for something that would be applicable to the wider constitutional terrain (the entire country) while the latter is used to describe particularities, or matters that we don’t mind having varied from state to state. So an issue of principle would be something like a right to a fair trial while an issue of policy might be something like the age at which one can legally smoke cigarettes.

To give another example, I offered that same-sex marriage is an issue that is treated as a policy issue. My professor said, “Right, that’s something that currently isn’t given the elevated position of a principle matter” (paraphrased).

That got me thinking. Same-sex marriage is indeed something that is seen on both sides of the line as a state issue since marital determination as a whole lies within the realm of state sovereign power. We fight for it state by state. We talk about it state by state. But given what was discussed in my class, it feels as though policy issues connote lesser importance than principle issues. What do you guys think? Can the problem be approached, or at least discussed, with the lens of a principle issue? Is there no problem with the way we discuss it now?



Dig Out Your University Shirts!

5 Oct

If you’re as devastated as I have been these past few days over the influx of teenage suicides due to homophobic abuse, but are too busy with life or are unsure what you can do to help, here’s something easy:

This October 20th is going to be Spirit Day, and to honor the gay boys who’ve lost their lives all you have to do is show solidarity by wearing purple (The color purple from the rainbow flag). This small action doesn’t require any effort or detract from your schedule. And considering we attend NYU, it should be pretty easy to dig up from the bottom of your drawer that NYU Athletics T-shirt your parents bought you after you got accepted to college but have never worn since.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase and Billy Luca

Come to Queer Union on Wednesday!

20 Sep

NYU’s Queer Union will have its first meeting this Wednesday, September 22 in Kimmel 602! This is a great opportunity to meet other NYU queers and get involved with student activism and the queer dialogue campus. But it’s okay if you come for the free Chinese food. QU is the second-oldest LGBT student organization in the nation and has put on ton of awesome events in the past, including:

“The Global Gaze: Human Rights and the Gay International”

“Gayopoly: Gentrification and Neoliberal Spatial Politics”

the Diva Ball, of course,

More after the jump!

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Call for LGBTQI-Friendly Health Providers

13 Jul

I got this email today through an NYU LGBT group from a B.S./M.S. candidate at NYU’s College of Nursing.

Like most people in the United States, people in the LGBTQI and alternative sexuality communities face great difficulty accessing affordable, comprehensive health care. Compounded by systemic discrimination and health care providers’ lack of basic cultural competency alienates and keeps many people from accessing medically necessary care.

In an attempt to ensure access to safe, respectful and non-discriminatory health care for the LGBTQI and Sex-Positive communities, I’m attempting to create a quality-controlled listing of health care providers willing and able to provide non-judgmental care.

If you’ve found an LGBTQI-friendly and/or sex-positive health care provider here in NYC, I want to know about them!

Thanks in advance for your help!

So, queers, if you’ve got any info, email us at and we’ll pass it along!

NYU Professor’s Findings on Gay Marriage and Public Opinion

25 Jun

In an interview with NYU Local, NYU politics professor Patrick Egan discusses the findings of his most recent study on same-sex marriage campaigns and equality movements. Taken from that interview-

Egan finds that despite the best attempts by campaigns to sway voters’ opinion on gay marriage, they make little or no difference at the ballot box, and the “share of the public saying they intend to vote for or against these measures typically changes very little over the course of these campaigns.” In keeping with disheartening news, Egan also found that surveys taken before voting time consistently underestimate the share of voters who would vote to ban same-sex marriage.

I tend, though, to disagree with the interviewer’s next conclusion: that there is “little or nothing” we can do to change the minds of anti-equality voters. As Egan notes later in the interview, the movement would be better served by a multi-method approach to political campaigns that goes beyond the ballot box and also goes beyond marriage in seeking rights for a broader scope of LGBT individuals.

What?! NYU’s NOT The Gayest School Ever?!

4 May

Yowza! In a recent study done at Oxford University, apparently one in five males there has had gay sex.

Here are the official numbers:

14.8% of the males polled identified as gay.

3% of the females identified as gay. (Sorry, girls.)

54.2 % of the males admit to fantasizing about gay sex.

49.5% of the males have watched gay porn.

31.2% of the males have given or received oral sex (with another guy)


22.8% of the males have gone gay all the way.

Personally, I would be interested to see a poll like this done at NYU so that we could compare the numbers, but these statistics are surprisingly high and certainly will give us a run for our money.

If we here at NYU no longer can claim ourselves as the gay college capital of the planet, then what do have left to our name? We must reclaim our title!

So my fellow NYU Queers, go and have lots and lots of gay sex. And why not rent The History Boys to watch while you’re at it.

Photo Op: Gender Bender Ball

24 Apr

On Thursday, April 22, the UHall Commons were overtaken by a group of gender-bending party animals. Led by the fabulous World Famous Bob, they ate, socialized and danced the night away. Here’s a taste of their flair, after the jump:

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