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Links You May Have Missed

18 Oct


A (ridiculous) anti-Obama billboard in Grand Junction depicts the president as a gay man, a communist, a Nazi, and a Mexican bandit. The owner of the billboard has not revealed hir’s identity, but the artist who helped create the billboard did state, “We wanted to get people to think a little deeper.” (I would heatedly comment on this if I wasn’t afraid to let my subjectivity get the best of me.)

US Defense Secretary warns that an abrupt halt to DADT would have enormous consequences: “I feel strongly this is an action that needs to be taken by the Congress and that it is an action that requires careful preparation, and a lot of training.”

Slate Mag’s “How does the military prove that someone is gay?” Just in case all of you don’t know. Please scroll down to read the comments (always the best part of Slate articles). My favorite is: “”Drill sergeant, sir! You have the piercing blue eyes of a young Paul Newman, sir!” :D

Photographer and lesbian-identified Alix Smith just finished an exhibition at the Morgan Lehman Gallery of “States of Union,” a series of portraits of long-term gay and lesbian couples and families in an effort to counter stereotypes and shed light on diversity in the LGBT community (check out these photos online if you didn’t catch the exhibition).

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns reaches out during a city council meeting: “It gets better.”



Links You May Have Missed :P

11 Oct

James Franco in drag for the cover of Candy? Oh my? Yes please?

A new national sex survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is available for download through this link–just answer a couple questions and you’ll be able to download it to access articles like “Looking at Sexual Behavior 60 Years after Kinsey.”

(And here is Slate’s response to that survey^: “The Ass Man Cometh: Experimentation, Orgasms, and the Rise of Anal Sex”)

Human Right’s Campaign New Yorkers for Marriage Equality–sign the petition and watch Julianne Moore give her reasons + Mayor Bloomberg’s short and to the point argument.

Pride Parade in Serbia attacked by far-right protestors; violence erupts. Last year, the parade was cancelled because of potential violence.

Oh, and God hates ugly skirts.

Oh, and here’s something to keep you going :D Brick Stone v. Westboro Baptists

Links You May Have Missed:

3 Oct

Andy Dandy: Warhol in drag!— This exhibition ends TONIGHT. Check it out in Soho before coming to the candlelight vigil in Washington Sq. Park

Slate gives a history of political gay-baiting–“gay-baiting is the linguistic practice of publicly insinuating, with little or no evidence, that a rival might be gay, without ever using the word ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual.'” complete with slideshow!

BBC Audiences want “more realistic” gay characters–“In general, respondents wanted integration of the gay and heterosexual ‘worlds’ so that sexual orientation was less of a talking point, and more an identity ‘to reflect in the mix’.”

MrLoverLover–a low-key photography project on Photography Served featuring 10 gay escorts working in Amsterdam

NYU Local on DADT–and no, the article is not dripping with sarcasm :D

Links You May Have Missed :D

26 Sep

UK LGB Population Revealed–And what about the T? Numbers are expected to “increase over time as people’s confidence in the survey grows and sexual orientation becomes a routine part of data collection”…I’d hope so -_-

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress will be Preserved as Jerky–Teriyaki? Original? Hickory smoked?

Florida Court Overturns 33-year Ban on Gay Adoptions–BUT “The case is likely to be heard by the higher Florida Supreme Court before the overturn is final.”

New Design for The Out NYC Complex: New York’s First ‘Gay Hotel’–complete with a dance bar that has a capacity for 1,200

ACNE Launches Clothing Aimed at Transgender Consumers–this article is an edited version of an original that GLAAD described as “defamatory, dehumanizing, and insulting.”

Check Out “I’m From Driftwood”

15 Sep

A few months ago we got a tip from a reader to check out I’m From Driftwood, billed as “Daily gay, true stories.” The site’s founder explains its origins like this:

…funny enough, what inspired me was Milk more so than Milk. An image I recalled wasn’t even in the film. It was a photo of Supervisor Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S., riding on the hood of a car in a San Francisco Gay Pride march, holding a sign that reads, ‘I’m From Woodmere, N.Y.’ The sign was intended to show how far people came to attend the San Francisco rally, but it meant something more to me. It meant that there are gay people in every small town and every big city across America and the world. I was thinking about that photo in between assaults on the snooze button and I responded to Harvey’s sign. I’m from Driftwood.

The stories are funny, poignant, and earnest; some vignettes, some oral histories, and some love stories. One of my favorites, “I’m From Marble City, OK,” begins “After dinner last week, I sat down to watch Wheel of Fortune with my dad. I try to catch the show when I can—it makes me feel smarter whenever I can figure out the puzzles while the contestants are just standing there looking dumb.” In the comments, a man named Jeffrey shares that he and his partner watched the same episode of Wheel of Fortune together (in which a gay man wins $30,000 and is embraced onstage by his partner).

In another, Arturo from Terreon, Coahuila, Mexico writes of his difficult and emotional coming-out with his parents, with touches, both happy and sad, that ring true. Of his father, he writes “That was the first, and so far only time, that I ever saw my dad cry.” But Arturo’s long-term boyfriend manages to warm his mother’s heart, and “she even knitted a scarf for him and sent it to him as a Christmas present, saying ‘thank you’ for loving her son.”

Without preaching, the site stays true to its purpose of reassuring queers from all walks of life that they are not alone. I’m From Driftwood is a gem.


4 Aug

California’s same-sex marriage ban, also known as Prop 8, has been ruled unconstitutional by a San Francisco judge.

While we certainly have cause to celebrate, the New York Times notes that this is “a temporary victory to gay rights advocates in a legal battle that seems all but certain to be settled by the Supreme Court.” The Daily Beast goes further in-depth about the future of same-sex marriage and why there’s no going back.

Via the Advocate, here are the words of U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker:

“Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license.

“Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite-sex couples are superior to same-sex couples. Because California has no interest in discriminating against gay men and lesbians, and because Proposition 8 prevents California from fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide marriages on an equal basis, the court concludes that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.”

BLoGT’s super-friend Tovah (also Co-President of NYU’s Queer Union) offered the following words on the decision that I thought were worth sharing:

Queers: Please don’t stop asking important questions. How does same-sex marriage reflect a narrow model of gay citizenship based on consumption, private domesticity, and homonormativity? How can we gain legal recognition of a wider range of relationships, households, and families? How can we separate benefits from martial status to provide access to vital government support programs for all people?

I appreciate Tovah’s questions because while I certainly agree that “marriage is the wrong goal,” I don’t agree that marriage equality has no place within the LGBT movement. I like the way she gets to a more substantive argument about what marriage is and what it should be. Of course marriage shouldn’t play the role of “legitimizing” queer relationships, nor should it be seen as a finish line for equality. But as it stands, marriage is they key to important government benefits for a lot of people (check out last year’s NYTimes piece on The Higher Lifetime Costs of Being a Gay Couple). Queers are not immune to these economic concerns, and questions of access are important going forward.

LGBT News Roundup

15 Jul

Hi, favorite queers-

Here’s an LGBT news roundup of really important things we’ve neglected to report on but you should definitely read if you want to be good, informed gays.

Last week Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian refugees must be able to to seek asylum in the UK. “Five supreme court justices said gay and lesbian asylum seekers should not be expected to ‘exercise discretion’ in their home countries to avoid persecution.”

A  few days ago Jim Luce at the Huffington Post published a rich, beautiful, and poignant account of the life and work of Stonewall vet Storme DeLarverie.


Stonewall vet and LGBT pioneer Storme DeLarverie; photo by Sam Basett for the Huffington Post.

On the marriage front, the Argentinian Senate passed a major gay marriage bill and a federal appeals court upheld the D.C. gay marriage law. This New York Times Editorial on Redefining Marriage will keep you up-to-date with the recent Massachusetts ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act.

Adorable DC couples after applying for marriage licenses in March; Alexis C. Glenn for the Washington Times.

Scientists in the U.S. Government have announced the discovery of three powerful antibodies that neutralize more HIV strains than any previously AIDS antibody. In other health news, the Hastings Center, a New York bioethics think-tank, discusses Preventing Homosexuality (and Uppity Women) in the Womb? Really interesting, if a little science-y; Womb Gay, Alice Dreger’s excellent editorial for their Bioethics Forum, is a great introduction to the issue.

Happy reading and lots of love from the BLoGT team!