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2nd Annual Coat Drive for Homeless LGBTQI Youth

22 Nov

Hey queers,
Here’s a message from the LGBT office:
Last year, we filled a 10 foot U-Haul of clothes, coats, shoes and accessories for the Ali Forney Center, who is still distributing those items this winter. For 2010, we are hoping to repeat that success for MCCNY’s Sylvia’s Place. Free catering will be provided and there will be a raffle of some incredible prizes to raise money for transporting the donations to the LGBTQ youth¬†emergency shelter and drop-in. You can also follow the event and RSVP on Facebook:
If you have any queer-holiday-giving bones in you, we’d better see you at this event!

TONIGHT: “Against Equality” at NYU

6 Oct

Pride Month and Queer Union Present:

Against Equality: Queer Challenges to the Politics of Inclusion

How do policies of “family values” coerce conformity while cutting government funding for programs such as childcare, healthcare, and reproductive services?

How does same-sex marriage reflect a narrow model of gay citizenship based on consumption, private domesticity, and homonormativity?

How can we gain legal recognition of a wider range of relationships, households, and families?

How can we separate benefits from martial status to provide access to vital government support programs for all people?

Join us for a panel discussion with the organization “Against Equality,” a queer collective that dissects the logic of the national campaigns for gay marriage and begs us to question what our queerest futures might look like.

This event is free and open to the public. Venue is wheelchair accessible. If you need sign language interpretation services or other accommodations, please let us know as soon as possible.

For more information on all Pride Month events: (or take another look at the gorgeous pride month calendar)

Against Equality
Wednesday, October 6: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Kimmel 602 (60 Washington Square South)

Figure Out What You Can Do for Queer Youth

1 Oct

The events of the last few weeks have been a wake-up call. Every time I hear about another queer child we’ve lost, my first thought is that I wish I could have been there. What’s sad is that I couldn’t have: I, like many queers I know, have no real connection to the queer youth community. What that means is that any kid in trouble wouldn’t know how to find me– and that is no one’s fault but mine.

The recent queer youth suicides are a tragedy and a crisis. But unfortunately, LGBT youth have long suffered disproportionally high rates of depression and suicide. Countless other tragedies will continue to go unreported if nothing changes.

Queers, are you doing your part as a member of our family? I know I haven’t been. These are our kids and siblings. There are so many organizations out there that could use your help. Support the awesome Trevor Project suicide prevention hotline for queer and questioning youth seeking counseling or fighting depression: 1-866-488-7386. Create a video for Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign- or better yet, find a way to tell your story to a kid who really needs to hear it. (NYU students, let’s find a way to reach our local GSAs.)

Straight friends and allies, do your queer friends know you support them no matter what? (Are you sure?) Parents, are you your child’s advocate? Principals and teachers, do your students know that cruelty is intolerable? Those of you who pray, if all of your prayers were suddenly answered tomorrow, would the world change at all for LGBT youth?

Queer kids, you are our family and our future, you are loved, and it does get better.

“You Are Loved” Glowlight Vigil: Please Join Us

30 Sep

NYU LGBT clubs and organizations, as well as Delta Lambda Phi, are hosting the “You-Are-Loved” Glowlight Vigil this Sunday, October 3 at 9:00 in Washington Square Park.

Within the past two weeks, six young men between the ages of 13 and 19 have committed suicide as a result of homophobic bullying:

Asher Brown, age 13
Seth Walsh, age 13
Justin Aaberg, age 15
Billy Lucas , age 15
Tyler Clementi, age 18
Raymond Chase, age 19

Students at NYU are asking that we all come together as a community to remember these young men as well as all of those we have lost due to hatred and bigotry.

It’s time to mobilize. The vigil will start at 9:00pm in Washington Square Park underneath the arch. (No flames due to WSP regulations- bring something that glows!) The event will culminate in a chalking session in honor of the 2nd annual “You-Are-Loved Chalk Messaging Project.”¬† This project is meant to provide uplifting messages as well as shed light on the amount of bullying, harassment, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts that disproportionately affect queer youth.

We need your help to get the word out! Tell your friends about this, and let’s show silenced queer youth that there are people out there who will accept them for who they are. No one should ever be made to feel alone in this world. We realize this is short notice, but we must act before one more precious life is lost.

“You Gotta Give Them Hope”- Harvey Milk.

A message from Ellen DeGeneres:

“Things will get easier. People’s minds will change. And you should be alive to see it.


NYU Pride Month 2010

30 Sep

This year’s Pride Month brings so many awesome events! Check it out and tell us what you think!

Another Gem From Christine O’Donnell

20 Sep

From TPM’s Top Ten Quotes From Christine O’Donnell:

Well, I know that the one here in Los Angeles, there was S&M going on. There was mocking sodomy, mocking, you know, all kinds of crude sexual acts,” O’Donnell said. “Because — because authorities were too afraid to be called, quote, unquote, ‘homophobic’ because these homosexual special rights groups do get away with [anything].

But here’s my favorite part: This quote is from a Fox News June 26, 2000 segment entitled “Was Gay Pride Parade in New York City Over the Top?” Really? Really?

Come to Queer Union on Wednesday!

20 Sep

NYU’s Queer Union will have its first meeting this Wednesday, September 22 in Kimmel 602! This is a great opportunity to meet other NYU queers and get involved with student activism and the queer dialogue campus. But it’s okay if you come for the free Chinese food. QU is the second-oldest LGBT student organization in the nation and has put on ton of awesome events in the past, including:

“The Global Gaze: Human Rights and the Gay International”

“Gayopoly: Gentrification and Neoliberal Spatial Politics”

the Diva Ball, of course,

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