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Sarah Silverman Gets Serious

4 Oct

How I came to love one of my favorite comedians even more:


Consequences of Gay Marriage

5 Aug

In light of our recent Prop 8 victory (Go Team Gay!), I though I’d share this lol moment with you all, courtesy of GraphJam:



7 Jul

Thank you, Facebook.

Thao and Mirah at Music Hall of Williamsburg

25 Jun

Out singer-songwriter Mirah and rocker chick Thao played Music Hall of Williamsburg last night as a part of their summer touring act, Thao and Mirah with the Most of all. The girls, backed by a band, played an epic 25-song set together, doing a well-paced mix of one another’s songs and living up to the original press release’s claim that they “…mix and match voices, songs from their respective catalogs, idea flashes, and dear friends to conjure a superband collaboration…” (not that I ever doubted them).

The show was alternately subdued and raucous (though, in truth, mostly raucous), and by the encore, everybody was dancing their heart out, including the adorable lesbian couple to my left. (Really, they were like the cutest couple ever.) Other highlights included: Thao singing Mirah’s classic “Recommendation,” the girls telling us that we were a much better audience than Boston, Thao going apeshit on the bongos, and Mirah’s dance moves.

Full setlist and more pictures AFTER THE JUMP… Continue reading

Perfume Genius Signed to Matador Records

22 Jun

My latest queer indie music obsession, Perfume Genius, was signed to Matador Records yesterday. Seattle-based Mike Hadreas’ one man act has been getting a lot of buzz in the music blogosphere lately and it ‘s no surprise to me that a label like Matador picked up this melancholic Pacific Northwesterner’s full-length debut, Learning. I’ve had the eerily beautiful “Mr. Peterson,” about an affair with a high school teacher, on replay for weeks. Lines like “He let me smoke weed in his truck/if I could convince him I loved him enough” really speak to me (wonder why…).

Matablog writes:

‘Learning’ is a home recording as stark, haunting and downright jarring as any we’ve heard ;  harrowing personal stories laid atop unshakable minor-key melodies, we’ve been obsessed with Hadreas’ songs for months and have a sneaking suspicion more than a few of you will have a similar reaction. Actually, a cursory trip around the the internet reveals all sorts of reactions, and while it would be tempting to cobble together the long and varied list of iconic artists Perfume Genius has already been compared to, none of that means anything compared to laying in bed listening to ‘Learning’ at 2am.

Congratulations to Hadreas, and here’s to another win for Team Gay. Keep your eyes and ears open for Perfume Genius on my Big Gay Indie Mixtape, vol. 2, and be sure to check out his album. Listen to the title track, available for free download on Matablog, to get a taste of the magic, and if you like what you hear (which you will), go see him play at Glasslands next month.

What’s Gay About Summer TV?

16 Jun

What ISN’T gay about summer TV? might be a better question. Here’s some of the new and returning shows I’m most excited about:

1. Vampire fans rejoice. True Blood, the best worst show on television is back with its third season. The show boasts more man candy than virtually any other program this summer, not to mention some beautiful women (though their bare, perfectly-sculpted bodies don’t seem to get as much screen time). Lucky for True Blood‘s legions of gay male superfans, this scene from the premiere on Sunday suggests that this season might be the gayest yet [**spoiler alert**]:

Catch True Blood every Sunday at 9pm EST on HBO.

2. A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on the launch party for Planet Green’s new reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and tonight the much-anticipated show premieres. I’ve had the chance to see two episodes already and can’t recommend Beekman Boys enough–who knew watching two gay Manhattanites do a turn as gentlemen farmers upstate could be so entertaining?! The editing is great and the Beekman boys are pretty interesting characters in their own right. Josh Kilmer-Purcell is the best-selling author of I Am Not Myself These DaysCandy Everybody Wants, and now The Bucolic Plague (about his experiences on the Beekman Farm), and his partner Brent Ridge is a double-threat M.D/M.B.A. who is no stranger to TV, formerly Dr. Brent of the Martha Stewart empire. Watch a musical promo and clips of “Brentzilla,” PLUS a link to the first episode after the jump: Continue reading

I Love Iceland

12 Jun

via Queerty