Links You May Have Missed

18 Oct


A (ridiculous) anti-Obama billboard in Grand Junction depicts the president as a gay man, a communist, a Nazi, and a Mexican bandit. The owner of the billboard has not revealed hir’s identity, but the artist who helped create the billboard did state, “We wanted to get people to think a little deeper.” (I would heatedly comment on this if I wasn’t afraid to let my subjectivity get the best of me.)

US Defense Secretary warns that an abrupt halt to DADT would have enormous consequences: “I feel strongly this is an action that needs to be taken by the Congress and that it is an action that requires careful preparation, and a lot of training.”

Slate Mag’s “How does the military prove that someone is gay?” Just in case all of you don’t know. Please scroll down to read the comments (always the best part of Slate articles). My favorite is: “”Drill sergeant, sir! You have the piercing blue eyes of a young Paul Newman, sir!” :D

Photographer and lesbian-identified Alix Smith just finished an exhibition at the Morgan Lehman Gallery of “States of Union,” a series of portraits of long-term gay and lesbian couples and families in an effort to counter stereotypes and shed light on diversity in the LGBT community (check out these photos online if you didn’t catch the exhibition).

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns reaches out during a city council meeting: “It gets better.”



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