Check Out “I’m From Driftwood”

15 Sep

A few months ago we got a tip from a reader to check out I’m From Driftwood, billed as “Daily gay, true stories.” The site’s founder explains its origins like this:

…funny enough, what inspired me was Milk more so than Milk. An image I recalled wasn’t even in the film. It was a photo of Supervisor Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S., riding on the hood of a car in a San Francisco Gay Pride march, holding a sign that reads, ‘I’m From Woodmere, N.Y.’ The sign was intended to show how far people came to attend the San Francisco rally, but it meant something more to me. It meant that there are gay people in every small town and every big city across America and the world. I was thinking about that photo in between assaults on the snooze button and I responded to Harvey’s sign. I’m from Driftwood.

The stories are funny, poignant, and earnest; some vignettes, some oral histories, and some love stories. One of my favorites, “I’m From Marble City, OK,” begins “After dinner last week, I sat down to watch Wheel of Fortune with my dad. I try to catch the show when I can—it makes me feel smarter whenever I can figure out the puzzles while the contestants are just standing there looking dumb.” In the comments, a man named Jeffrey shares that he and his partner watched the same episode of Wheel of Fortune together (in which a gay man wins $30,000 and is embraced onstage by his partner).

In another, Arturo from Terreon, Coahuila, Mexico writes of his difficult and emotional coming-out with his parents, with touches, both happy and sad, that ring true. Of his father, he writes “That was the first, and so far only time, that I ever saw my dad cry.” But Arturo’s long-term boyfriend manages to warm his mother’s heart, and “she even knitted a scarf for him and sent it to him as a Christmas present, saying ‘thank you’ for loving her son.”

Without preaching, the site stays true to its purpose of reassuring queers from all walks of life that they are not alone. I’m From Driftwood is a gem.


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