Global Gay: A History of International Gay Rights

22 Jul

A big thanks to my friend Theo for the link! TIME has a great overview of international gay marriage. The article contrasts political climates in Argentina, Mexico City, Germany, Portugal, and Spain, among others, to show the different paths governments have taken to legalizing gay marriage. (It also links to a cute video of gay couples in Iowa and this visual history of the gay-rights movement.)

Nations That Have Legalized Gay Marriage

• The Netherlands (2000)
• Spain (2005)
• Canada (2005)
• Belgium (2006)
• South Africa (2006)
• Norway (2008)
• Sweden (2009)
• Portugal (2010)
• Iceland (2010)
• Argentina (2010)
Read more:,8599,2005678,00.html#ixzz0uQn4KFlO

For your token visual (courtesy of ILGA rather than TIME), check out this slightly-outdated but still informative map of gay rights across the world (use the link for the big version!)


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