LGBT News Roundup

15 Jul

Hi, favorite queers-

Here’s an LGBT news roundup of really important things we’ve neglected to report on but you should definitely read if you want to be good, informed gays.

Last week Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian refugees must be able to to seek asylum in the UK. “Five supreme court justices said gay and lesbian asylum seekers should not be expected to ‘exercise discretion’ in their home countries to avoid persecution.”

A  few days ago Jim Luce at the Huffington Post published a rich, beautiful, and poignant account of the life and work of Stonewall vet Storme DeLarverie.


Stonewall vet and LGBT pioneer Storme DeLarverie; photo by Sam Basett for the Huffington Post.

On the marriage front, the Argentinian Senate passed a major gay marriage bill and a federal appeals court upheld the D.C. gay marriage law. This New York Times Editorial on Redefining Marriage will keep you up-to-date with the recent Massachusetts ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act.

Adorable DC couples after applying for marriage licenses in March; Alexis C. Glenn for the Washington Times.

Scientists in the U.S. Government have announced the discovery of three powerful antibodies that neutralize more HIV strains than any previously AIDS antibody. In other health news, the Hastings Center, a New York bioethics think-tank, discusses Preventing Homosexuality (and Uppity Women) in the Womb? Really interesting, if a little science-y; Womb Gay, Alice Dreger’s excellent editorial for their Bioethics Forum, is a great introduction to the issue.

Happy reading and lots of love from the BLoGT team!


One Response to “LGBT News Roundup”

  1. ArgentinaFAQ July 4, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    The gay marriage law in Argentina was huge! It’s been a year since it’s passed! If you’re a gay foreigner in BA, this site might be useful:

    Let’s hope we can get the United States where Argentina is.. and soon!

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