Kristen Stewart’s Pick for “Best Kisser”

2 Jul

I laughed when I read this pop-culture blurb by Julie Novak (NYU class of 2012) on Hollywood Life:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s steamy makeout session in New Moon won top place in the “Best Kiss” category at the MTV Awards, and while most women would die for even a peck on the cheek from Edward Cullen, the sensual lip lock doesn’t take first place in Kristen’s book.

Who, then, does K-Stew rate as best kisser above her on and off screen lover?!  Dakota Fanning, 16. That’s right. The two ladies kissed in their indie film “The Runaways,” in which they played rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie and though the scene wasn’t romantic from either actress’ perspective, K-Stew told Metro New York newspaper that she was rooting for the two of them to win! “I would’ve been really proud if me and Dakota had won,” she said.  She even had the acceptance speech planned if Dakota had been there: “I would’ve done the whole build-up that me and Rob did last year, and then just stopped and said, “‘This just doesn’t feel right.  Dakota, where are you? That would have been so funny.”


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