Gays and Google; “Blood and Bigotry”

1 Jul

Two interesting LGBT news items for today:

1) Gays and Google, via Gay Rights:

Recognizing that same-sex couples face tax inequalities by being banned from marriage, Google will now compensate its gay and lesbian employees in domestic partnerships to cover the extra taxes these couples have to pay.

Google Shows How Equality in the Workplace is Done

(A nice step: the company has a long practice of recruiting LGBT employees, in spite of its questionable history of funding anti-gay politicians.)

2) “Blood and Bigotry” from Slate’s Human Nature blog:

According to the FDA, men who have had sex with men “are, as a group, at increased risk for HIV, hepatitis B and certain other infections.” To protect blood recipients from this risk, their blood must be excluded. This kind of group-based screening is a longstanding practice in blood regulation. Over the years, we’ve prohibited donors on the basis of nationality as well as sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with such categorical exclusions, according to the FDA, as long as they make the blood supply safer. But if that’s true, why not screen donors by race?

Read more here: Inferior Blood


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