Thao and Mirah at Music Hall of Williamsburg

25 Jun

Out singer-songwriter Mirah and rocker chick Thao played Music Hall of Williamsburg last night as a part of their summer touring act, Thao and Mirah with the Most of all. The girls, backed by a band, played an epic 25-song set together, doing a well-paced mix of one another’s songs and living up to the original press release’s claim that they “…mix and match voices, songs from their respective catalogs, idea flashes, and dear friends to conjure a superband collaboration…” (not that I ever doubted them).

The show was alternately subdued and raucous (though, in truth, mostly raucous), and by the encore, everybody was dancing their heart out, including the adorable lesbian couple to my left. (Really, they were like the cutest couple ever.) Other highlights included: Thao singing Mirah’s classic “Recommendation,” the girls telling us that we were a much better audience than Boston, Thao going apeshit on the bongos, and Mirah’s dance moves.

Full setlist and more pictures AFTER THE JUMP…


One Response to “Thao and Mirah at Music Hall of Williamsburg”

  1. zinastick June 25, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    glad you got to see two of your favorite girls with guitars share one epic stage!

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