Perfume Genius Signed to Matador Records

22 Jun

My latest queer indie music obsession, Perfume Genius, was signed to Matador Records yesterday. Seattle-based Mike Hadreas’ one man act has been getting a lot of buzz in the music blogosphere lately and it ‘s no surprise to me that a label like Matador picked up this melancholic Pacific Northwesterner’s full-length debut, Learning. I’ve had the eerily beautiful “Mr. Peterson,” about an affair with a high school teacher, on replay for weeks. Lines like “He let me smoke weed in his truck/if I could convince him I loved him enough” really speak to me (wonder why…).

Matablog writes:

‘Learning’ is a home recording as stark, haunting and downright jarring as any we’ve heard ;  harrowing personal stories laid atop unshakable minor-key melodies, we’ve been obsessed with Hadreas’ songs for months and have a sneaking suspicion more than a few of you will have a similar reaction. Actually, a cursory trip around the the internet reveals all sorts of reactions, and while it would be tempting to cobble together the long and varied list of iconic artists Perfume Genius has already been compared to, none of that means anything compared to laying in bed listening to ‘Learning’ at 2am.

Congratulations to Hadreas, and here’s to another win for Team Gay. Keep your eyes and ears open for Perfume Genius on my Big Gay Indie Mixtape, vol. 2, and be sure to check out his album. Listen to the title track, available for free download on Matablog, to get a taste of the magic, and if you like what you hear (which you will), go see him play at Glasslands next month.


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