What’s Gay About Summer TV?

16 Jun

What ISN’T gay about summer TV? might be a better question. Here’s some of the new and returning shows I’m most excited about:

1. Vampire fans rejoice. True Blood, the best worst show on television is back with its third season. The show boasts more man candy than virtually any other program this summer, not to mention some beautiful women (though their bare, perfectly-sculpted bodies don’t seem to get as much screen time). Lucky for True Blood‘s legions of gay male superfans, this scene from the premiere on Sunday suggests that this season might be the gayest yet [**spoiler alert**]:

Catch True Blood every Sunday at 9pm EST on HBO.

2. A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on the launch party for Planet Green’s new reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and tonight the much-anticipated show premieres. I’ve had the chance to see two episodes already and can’t recommend Beekman Boys enough–who knew watching two gay Manhattanites do a turn as gentlemen farmers upstate could be so entertaining?! The editing is great and the Beekman boys are pretty interesting characters in their own right. Josh Kilmer-Purcell is the best-selling author of I Am Not Myself These DaysCandy Everybody Wants, and now The Bucolic Plague (about his experiences on the Beekman Farm), and his partner Brent Ridge is a double-threat M.D/M.B.A. who is no stranger to TV, formerly Dr. Brent of the Martha Stewart empire. Watch a musical promo and clips of “Brentzilla,” PLUS a link to the first episode after the jump:

The show’s been generating nothing but good buzz, so be sure to watch it tonight at 9pm EST on Planet Green. (And for those of you freaking out because you don’t know what channel the up-and-coming Planet Green is on, just click here to find out.)

**UPDATE** The first episode is now available online.

3. Gentleman, start your engines: Ru Paul is back with a summer series! (And thank God, because I don’t think I could have made it a whole year for the next season of Drag Race.) This summer, a whole slew of fierce Drag Race alums (including my favorite queens, Pandora Boxx, Jujubee, and Ongina) are back to help make some bio-women a little more fabulous with over the top makeovers and “crash courses in self-esteem.” Ru Paul’s Drag U won’t premiere until July 19, but you can get to know some of the future professors below:

Elsewhere in gay summer TV:

Gay actor Matthew Bomer returns to his leading role as conman-turned-FBI agent on the second season of USA’s White Collar July 13 (even if he doesn’t want to say the g-word to any reporters).

Out and fantastically-talented actor Guillermo Diaz returns as a Mexican drug-dealer on the sixth season of Weeds at 10pm EST August 16 on Showtime.

Also on Showtime, The Real L Word, a new reality series (from the same people who brought us the first, fake L Word) profiling 6 very pretty ladies premieres this sunday, June 20 at 10pm EST.

And of course, Kathy Griffin splashed back onto Bravo last night to kick-off the sixth season of My Life on the D List. Since its debut, this has been, and will continue to be, the gayest show on television. Watch it Tuesdays at 9pm EST on Bravo.


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