Study Shows Kids Are Indeed All Right

7 Jun

Just in time for the release this week of Annette Bening + Julianne Moore as lesbian parents’ movie The Kids Are All Right, comes a new scientific study that proves kids with gay moms do just fine.

Dr. Nanette Gartrell, the author of this study, has followed 78 teenagers for almost 20 years, ever since their lesbian mothers were planning on having children. The conclusion? The kids do well socially, psychologically and academically, and in fact display fewer social problems and are less aggressive or inclined to break rules.

Gartrell attributes these findings by stating that lesbian moms are generally very involved and committed parents. Gartrell also believes that the results would translate similarly for children with two male parents.

Specifically, Gartrell and her colleague Henry Bos recruited 154 prospective lesbian mothers between 1986 and 1992. Since then, researchers have been checking up on the children, with follow up questionnaires being received from 78 children when they were both 10 and 17 years old. In addition, one mother of each child was interviewed, and the results from the gay families were then compared with those from a group of age matched children from traditional families.

In response to these results,  NYU family therapist Andrew Roffman put it best:

“Good parenting makes for healthier children, regardless of your sexual orientation. Whether you’re gay, straight or lesbian, good parenting is good parenting…Probably the most effective thing to do is to prepare kids ahead of time. Let them know that there is still a cultural stigma and that they may encounter children and adults who are insensitive. Having these kinds of talks is relationship-building for both parents and children.”

Overall, these findings are always super to hear, and are also good to have as support against those who pull the ‘bad-parents’ card when opposing gay marriage. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see what the general response to these findings will be and also how they’ll tie in with this week’s release of the film.

Check out more about this study through the links, and don’t forget to buy your ticket for The Kids Are All Right (Out June 9th) and support the film!


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