Made In China. By Real Men Only.

2 Jun

Well, This is probably one of the more disturbing things that I’ve read in a long time.

A Chinese elementary school called Qinlinglu, located in Zhengzhou in the Henan province has concocted one of the most awful sounding programs I have ever heard of.  The program, called “Looking For A Real Man”, is aimed at young male students who might be deemed the disastrous S word.


According to the Dahe Daily, the number one newspaper in the Henan province:

Youngsters are taught how to act more masculine and must take an oath swearing to act like real men.

A male teacher at the school for the past 14 years, Wang Jianhua, said that he had noticed that the boys there have become “More and more girly…During class breaks their favorite game is elastic band skipping, which is a typical girl’s game..And the boys are very fragile. If we just scold them a bit they will cry out loudly.”

Girls at the school, on the other hand, are supposedly suffering at the opposite end of the spectrum, as  “They not only like physical fighting, but also are quite straight-forward and have strong characters.”

Oh boy. This has got to be one of the biggest bundles of gender stereotyping that I have come across in a while, and it’s all happening for these kids at such a young age. But hey, let’s condition them while they’re still too young, right?

In accordance with the program, the headmaster of the school Cao Jianping has said that he is planning on hiring more male teachers to add to the staff so that the sissy boys may be provided with strong and more masculine role models.

Hey, I hear there’s a boatload of Catholic priests lookin for jobs…


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