What?! NYU’s NOT The Gayest School Ever?!

4 May

Yowza! In a recent study done at Oxford University, apparently one in five males there has had gay sex.

Here are the official numbers:

14.8% of the males polled identified as gay.

3% of the females identified as gay. (Sorry, girls.)

54.2 % of the males admit to fantasizing about gay sex.

49.5% of the males have watched gay porn.

31.2% of the males have given or received oral sex (with another guy)


22.8% of the males have gone gay all the way.

Personally, I would be interested to see a poll like this done at NYU so that we could compare the numbers, but these statistics are surprisingly high and certainly will give us a run for our money.

If we here at NYU no longer can claim ourselves as the gay college capital of the planet, then what do have left to our name? We must reclaim our title!

So my fellow NYU Queers, go and have lots and lots of gay sex. And why not rent The History Boys to watch while you’re at it.


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