Music Pick: “I Can Hardly Wait”

3 May

“I Can Hardly Wait” made its way into my music radar for one reason: It’s music video. Why?

In the four minute video, two apparently nude women, filmed from their shoulders upwards, face each other. As the movie plays, they apporach each other, and get entangled in a sensual kissing scene, which covers most of the total span of the song.

Yup. The whole video is a steamy lesbian kiss. Don’t believe me? Here’s your treat:

Wow. And I’m not even into women. Well, in case you were wondering this music video is the first to be released from Danish solo artist Frederik Valentin, who’s peculiarly named his band Complicated Universal Cum. I’m not sure how I feel about the name, but here’s his description for it’s inspiration:

“As when I look at the sun knowing that within my reach of mind the exact same sun is the main reason I’m able to think at all. As when I know for sure that nothing I will ever do, think or feel will signify anything to eternity. As when I know that there are wrong days to say something right. As when I know that nothing is wrong or right. As when I know that there is nothing between zero and one even though there is always something in between. As when I know that all I know is that I don’t know. This could be the truth! You may find it depressing? Or even beautiful? To me it’s complicated universal cum. “

Yea…whatever. Valentin describes his music as “fuzzed-out psychedelic spacerock combined with elements of primitive electropunk, noiserock and punkrock attitude” which sounds about right and somehow manages to include almost every genre of music out there…

Valentin’s got a few more songs that you can listen to on his Myspace, which you might like but I personally found to be a bit too aggressive. But awesome video aside, I find this song of his to be quite lovely and hope Complicated Universal Cum continues to make more music (and videos!) of this nature.


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