Archie Goes Gay

26 Apr

As the BLoGT comic-book geek in residence, I thought it necessary to comment on the latest bit of controversy in the genre. In case you haven’t heard, teenagers Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty of the beloved and highly accessible Archie Comics series are getting a new pal in town.  His name’s Kevin, and although diva extraordinaire Veronica has the hots for him, he won’t be reciprocating those feelings any time soon. Check out the very nonchalant coming out of Kevin below:  

I don’t know about you all, but from the ages of 8 to 13, Archie Comics were incredibly popular in my household, and all my friends took them along as must-reads at summer sleep-away camp.  While it was always fun to get caught up in the Archie love triangle, I always found myself drawn to Jughead (the one with crown above), whose primary story line consisted of his constant disinterest in the opposite sex as he instead opted for hot dogs and hamburgers. Alas, I’m disappointed that Jughead’s love for hot dogs is not being extended to a love of something else phallic, but am nevertheless excited for the introduction of gay Kevin into fictional Riverdale.

The introduction of Kevin is a great move from the makers of Archie Comics, who have been heavily revamping their various series to keep Archie properties current with today’s world of teens and teen media.  This is a great opportunity to show young readers that gay teenagers can peacefully exist in society, and for any of you aging twenty year olds like myself who thought Archie Comics was dead and irrelevant, it’s not true–they’re some of the most downloaded comics on Itunes and currently hold the number four slot on most downloaded book app on the iPad. Who knew!?  In any case, while I applaud the introduction of a gay character and hope that he becomes a main staple in the Archie family, I had to come across this quote from conservative party pooper Warner Todd Huston:

What struck me about this Archie announcement is that it seems we’re about to lose yet another safe haven for kid’s entertainment. Introducing a gay character may be “realistic” but does Archie have to be realistic? Kid’s entertainment doesn’t have to “reflect the current world of Teens.” It doesn’t have to present harsh realities or controversy. It can just be about fun or fantasy and it doesn’t have to delve into every aspect of life whether it be provocative, even deviate. Will the Archies have a skinhead character? Will they have a Holocaust denier character? Or how about on the other end of the spectrum and putting in a strict Christian character? Will Archie get one of those? Likely not as it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda. What we have here is the break down of another tradition of wholesomeness, just another way to eliminate good clean fun and turn it into something salacious. I mean, when I was a kid in the 1960s I didn’t want my comics full of the Vietnam war and race riots! I wanted to escape all that in my comics.

Seriously? Seriously?! After reading this statement I so desperately wanted to come into this post with some long rant in which I refute everything Huston says.  But then I read it again and decided there’s no point arguing with someone as uneducated as this guy. I tried to see how Kevin telling Jughead he doesn’t like women could be as oppressive as a skinhead telling Jughead that his Jewish features make him a target of violent acts, but it just wasn’t happening. I have better things to do with my time.  And this middle-aged white guy can go doodle his diversity-free comics on his own turf.

Now go admire these initial drawings of gay Kevin and check out his debut in Veronica issue #202 out Septemeber 1st!

Also, weren’t Archie comics always a little bit gay in the first place?


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