Internship Opportunity: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

20 Apr

Figured it’s not a bad idea to share these opportunities as they come around, so take a look if you’re looking for a way to get involved with trans work and community activism this summer!


Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a resource guide for transgender and other gender-variant people, covering health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, history, theory, and more. It is a place for transgender people, their partners and families, students, professors, guidance counselors, and others to look for up-to-date information on transgender life.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is seeking two enthusiastic people to join our team as interns at this time. These two interns will be an integral part of the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team. Transgender and genderqueer people, people of color, and students are especially encouraged to apply. Also those living in New York City, San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC, as these locations are places where interns would be able to meet in person with other members of the team. Unfortunately we do not have funds at this time to provide payment to interns. However, we will do our best to work with your school to secure college credit for your internship if this is something that interests you.

The deadline for this round of intern applications is May 15, 2010.

More information after the jump….

Intern A (Survey intern) – The survey intern will work with the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team to reach out to those who have taken the online survey. This intern will spend time reading through the material submitted and present interesting stories that should be considered for testimonials to the rest of the team. This intern will also contact survey-takers who have provided their contact information to thank them and to answer any questions they may have and provide them with information on getting involved with the book.

Intern B (Publicity intern) – The publicity intern will work with the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team to consider our outreach strategies. This intern will work with the website, facebook, and other digital strategies, and also organize the presence of the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team at events where advertising and/or media may be possible. This intern will also be involved in brainstorming around marketing materials such as postcards, stickers, and bookmarks.

How to apply:
Please submit a letter that answers the following questions:
1)      Why are you interested in interning for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves?
2)      Which of the two projects are you interested in working on and how would you approach this project?
3)      What makes you an ideal intern for this project?
4)      Be sure to include your name, the city where you are located, and your telephone number in your letter.
5)      Also include the time period you expect to be able to devote to your internship with Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. Be specific. For example, “I am a college student with the summer off, so I would like to intern with Trans Bodies, Trans Selves from June 1 through August 30, 2010” or “I can set aside time for the next 6 months to work on this book, so I would be available from the date of my acceptance through November 15, 2010.”
6)      Include a writing sample (Ex. Article you wrote, paper you turned in).
7)      A resume/CV is optional.
Submit all materials to The deadline for this round of intern applications is May 15, 2010.


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