Surprise EP from Woodpigeon (!)

13 Apr

Leave it to BLoGT favorite Woodpigeon to release an EP with no prior notice. Actually an extended single for the hauntingly beautiful “Spirehouse” off Die Stadt Muzikanten, the new EP boasts three new tracks and a Shipshapen remix. I’m particularly fond of the poignant, cleverly-titled “Music for the Naturally Unhip,” in which Mark Hamilton croons: “If you go, go so fast/If you go, make it last/They’ll never catch your drift/They’ll never bring you back.” The “Spirehouse” remix is also fun, featuring horns and a drum riff that give the song a little Cabaret-pop flair. There’s no reason not to love this EP and no reason not to buy it, since you can stream and download it here for only $3. Track list below.

1. Spirehouse (4:27) (Available as a free download on Woodpigeon’s website, where you can also watch the video.)

2. Music for the Naturally Unhip (3:45)

3. Don’t Fret, My Pet (3:34)

4. Toil (3:22)

5. Spirehouse (Shipshapen Remix) (3:48)


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