Mr. Transman NY 2010

13 Apr

From Knitting Factory Brooklyn:

“Nightlife legend MURRAY HILL presents and hosts the first ever MR. TRANSMAN competition in New York. After several years of producing the infamous MISS LEZ PAGEANT, and the growing spectrum of gender expression, he wanted to put together a trans-tastic and trans-focused evening of entertainment open to everyone. The evening will feature a campy competition of five transman contestants from the local community. They will be judged by a panel of celebrated trans personalities. Guest performers, bands, and DJs will be on deck for big night.”

Mr. Transman NY 2010
Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Sun, April 25, 2010
Doors: 7:30 PM / Show: 8:30 PM
$12.00 – $15.00

I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of NY-based entertainer and personality Murray Hill (the self-described “hardest working middle-aged man in America”) until a friend sent me a link to this event. (Yeah, I am lame and out of the loop.) I did a little reading (like this interview on Gothamist and the 2005 New York Times profile, Meet Downtown’s New “It” Boy) and am now a little intrigued and very endeared. Read both pieces if you can–he has great things to say about New York in the “good old days” and performing as his larger-than-life Rat Pack-style entity (and refusing to be called a “drag king”). In the NYTimes piece, he’s described as “jolly,” “boozy,” “paunchy,” “cheesy,” and “a family man, a philanderer, a philanthropist, and a philosopher” (the last by John Cameron Mitchell, director of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”). The Village Voice once called Murray an equal opportunity offender, which I love  (Murray: “Even if real stiffs come to my show, you know, the ones that live in the new glass tower on Astor Place, I sit them in between the dominatrix, and the gay couples, and by end of the show, we’re all having a ball together.”)

Murray on Murray:

I think no matter how old you are, every one likes to laugh and everybody likes to be entertained by their favorite uncle. I’m the city’s favorite uncle, that’s my job. And let’s face it, yeah, I wear the polyester suits and my hairstyle has not changed in 40 years, but I’m hip. Back in the club days in the 50s, the scene was open to everything and everybody. The clubs were integrated and true melting pots. Somewhere along the way, folks got conservative, scared, and too right for my taste. I don’t roll that way. So I’m hip to the kids today, I accept them no matter what⎯whether the boys look like the girls, or the girls look like the boys, I’m hip. You come to my show, you’re part of The Breakfast Club. You’ll go in as strangers, but leave as pals and friends with the Ally Sheedys and Anthony Michael Halls of the world. At the end of the day, we’re all the same.


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