Clickage: 4/13

13 Apr

Lady Gaga is celibate (whaaat?)

A NY Times editorial on chief House whip and former military man Rep. Patrick Murphy and his fight against DADT. “Imagine, we have thousands of administrative hearings just to determine whether or not someone is gay or straight,” Murphy is quoted as saying, “when these good soldiers should be focused on missions like killing Osama bin Laden.”

But Oliver North wants you to know that repealing DADT would be like saying pedophilia is OK, he tells Sean Hannity. Also, having to interact to with openly gay men and women is apparently a “radical social experiment.” And someone seriously needs to buy Sean Hannity a better hairpiece.

Is the Episcopal church getting another gay bishop?

Two great interviews with Rufus Wainwright, in anticipation of his upcoming album All Days Are Night: Songs for Lulu, with Details magazine and The Guardian (from the UK, where the album has already been released). Read both to find out how Rufus knows 50 Cent is gay and what legend he has to tell about himself.

Conservative Southern states like gay porn more than you do!

Glee‘s Jane Lynch is engaged! Also, Glee returns to TV tonight, and I still don’t care. (Sorry Glee fans, it’s an adverse reaction to a childhood involving way too much musical theater.)


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