Clickage 04/03

3 Apr

LGBT news for you!

On the global front, more than 300 gay Iranians have fled their country since the rise of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Mirek Topolanek–former prime minister of the Czech Republic–resigned as the chairman of the conservative Civic Democratic Party after a series of off-the-record derogatory comments were leaked to the media.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of Constance McMillen’s prom saga, Dan Savage at Savage Love did a great little recap and commentary in his Constance McMillen Update: On, Off, On, Off, On!

David Mixner has two new and interesting op-eds: President Obama and LGBT Rights- How Bad Is It? and HIV/AIDS: What Happened to Silence = Death?

The beautiful Anna Paquin, who apparently stars in True Blood and whom I’ve loved since She’s All That, came out as bisexual in a PSA put out by the True Colors Fund. In that vein, wrote a piece on Pulling a Ricky Martin (“If you wait long enough, they will come out”), and this graph they put together

is quite possibly my new favorite thing.

Definitely worth reading is EdgeBoston’s With Gay Marriage Comes…Gay Divorce.

Those of you who favor a queer take on history (I certainly do, and you must hear EmancipationofJamie’s elaborate Jesus-was-a-fairy tale) will like Out’s new piece on The Gayncients.

Both and AfterEllen have interviewed Heather Cassils, the queer bodybuilder who plays Lady GaGa’s prison-yard girlfriend in the new music video for “Telephone.”

So read up and then have yourselves a beautiful weekend, favorite queers!


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