What I’m Watching: TRANSform Me

24 Mar

Despite Marc’s reservations about VH1’s new show, TRANSform Me, I was totally charmed by the first episode of TV’s newest makeover series with a queer twist. The three trans stylists all have spunk to spare, not to mention killer make-up and the ability to make unfortunate women all across America feel better about themselves. (It seemed to work on the first episode, anyway!)

Laverne Cox, the leader of the fabulous pack and a former finalist on MTV’s I Want to Work for Diddy, actually conceived and developed the show’s concept herself before pitching it to VH1. She explains in an interview on VH1 blog that she came up with the idea after realizing that the television industry wasn’t creating any roles for trans actresses:

I wanted to have a career and this is my dream–being on television and producing and acting, and I had to make it happen myself.

Ms. Laverne Cox

You go, girl!

While the new visibility TRANSform Me offers the trans community may be invaluable, and I applaud Cox’s proactive approach to getting her voice heard, I do have to admit that the image of transwomen it presents is a bit stereotypical–hyper-feminine in their mannerisms and interests (which Cox actually goes on to the acknowledge in the interview). Just as early gay-themed programs like Will & Grace and Queer as Folk only showed a specific (and as such, limited) slice of gay life, I hope that TRANSform Me will only be the tip of the iceberg for transwomen on TV.

The new show does have the opportunity to educate the masses about a lot of things that may be obvious to we members of the LGBT community–like the difference between a transgender woman and a drag-queen, which their second makeover case seems confused about, believe it or not. And even if the show isn’t as radically revolutionary possible, it’s definitely fun–which is enough of a reason to tune in.

(Re-watching Cox’s VH1 Blog interview as I write this, I am more and more impressed with how articulate she is and what great things she has to say. Really, I can’t recommend it enough! Watch it here.)

TRANSform Me airs on VH1 Monday nights at 10:30 EST and can also be watched on the show’s website.


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