“Even the stuffed animal she carries is blue!”

28 Feb

The title of this piece was one of my favorite lines in an article on Hollywood News that poses the following inquiry:

Do Brad and Angelina Want to Turn Shiloh Into a Boy?*

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has been seen in recent photos wearing Burton ski caps, camouflage pants, vests, fedoras, and black jeans. Bonnie Fuller from Hollywood Life is understandably concerned:

So Brad and so Angelina—what’s up with the cross-gender dressing for Shiloh? Did YOU both want another boy, not a girl? Maddox and Pax weren’t enough? Aren’t you worried that you’re going to confuse little Shiloh? Give her gender identity issues? Isn’t it hard enough to grow up without your parents dressing you like the opposite sex?

Luckily for us, Bonnie substantiates her perspectives with insights from David Eigen, Ph.D., who assures readers that this IS a part of Angelina Jolie’s larger agenda to guide her daughter into a “bisexual role” and WILL, undoubtedly, create gender confusion for Shiloh later in life. (Anyone interested in receiving a personal analysis from Dr. Eigen would do well to take the “Fem-A-Meter” or “Man-O-Meter” tests on his website. I also recommend his latest blog entry, which begins

OMG, did my ears really hear the demands for an apology from one of Tiger’s hoe’s, promulgated to the public by another type of hoe (attorney Allred)?)

Bonnie’s plea to Brad Pitt to “let [Shiloh] be a girl, if she wants to be” is absolutely baffling. She is indignant that Shiloh is dressed differently from her sister Zahara, who is “allowed to have girly touches” like barettes and bracelets–and, as she points out, Brad and Angelina don’t dress their little boys like girls (!!!!). But what Bonnie is missing is is that this diversity suggests that Brad and Angelia let Shiloh be exactly who she wants to be, and that the Jolie-Pitt children–like any other set of siblings–want to express their personalities and identities differently through their clothing. As we all know, allowing children to dress a certain way does nothing to create gender or sexual identity any more than forcing them to conform to gender stereotypes eliminates those traits. Brad and Angelina’s respect for their childrens’ individualism and autonomy is a great (and public) example for other parents, not a cause for concern.

An inquiry to the New York Times Motherlode blog last year, “When A Boy Wants a Tutu,” prompts a more nuanced discussion about some of these parenting dynamics and is worth reading. That’s all for now. More later and love always,


*(My second-favorite line might be the fact that the link the the article reads “shiloh-whys-she-dressed-like-a-boy.”) bonnie-fuller-whys-she-dressed-like-an-optical-illusion.


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