Its About To Be A Gay Fight.

25 Feb

Just the other day my boyfriend addressed me about how he felt the only way to succeed in getting gay marriage in the US was not to beg the president for action, but rather to target opposed-to-marriage equality senators and instead get gays and allies into the legislature.

Well, it looks we might be beginning to do something right in politics, as a new group called Fight Back New York backed by gay activist and donor Tim Gill has just announced that it will be targeting its first senator, “girlfriend-throat-dragger” Hiram Monserrate, who the group feels is the easiest senator to currently replace.

In the next few weeks, FBNY is spending $100,000 to ensure that Democratic rival and gay-marriage supporter Jose Peralta takes Monserrate’s seat with ease.

FBNY explains that they are a nonpartisan group, who will seek to fight against the 30 Republicans and 8 Democrats who currently don’t support equality.  The group also explains how their efforts will not just be about marriage equality, but all rights that are being denied to the LGBT community.  FBNY also explains that their attacks hope to be highly strategic, coming at inopportune times for senators (such as Monserrate’s) and that the attacks will be highly targeted and intense.

I’m really intrigued to see what FBNY will be able to accomplish in the near future, if anything, but at the moment I am in full support.  In my book, even if FBNY succeeds in replacing only a few politicians, these would still be positive and effective steps toward gaining equality.  These days, FBNY’s slogan rings true: “Don’t Just Get Mad. Fight Back.”


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