Now This Is Some Great Journalism

23 Feb

Comfortably gay British journalist Patrick Strudwick went undercover as a distraught individual looking to become straight on two separate occasions in order to gain valuable insight into what goes on in the awful, awful world of conversion therapy.

No one can prepare themselves for the chilling and disturbing details that Strudwick discusses in the following interview with Queerty’s own David Hauslaib.

Listen Here:

Patrick Strudwick speaks to Queerty about his ex-gay therapist investigation from Queerty on Vimeo.

After a year of undercover investigation, Strudwick published his article “The Ex-Gay Files: The Bizarre World of Gay-to-Straight Conversion” this past month in The Independent . Since Then he has founded SCOTT (Stop COnversion Therapy Taskforce) devoted to seeking out more therapists practicing bogus techniques.  Strudwick is also a prominent writer for The Observer, The Times, The Guardian, Gay Times, and Attitude.


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