Date Night: The Exercise Freak

22 Feb

He benches double his body weight and has a fit if he doesn’t hit his protein quota for the day. How to raise some Fahrenheit with your little gym rat?

Workout: Free trial session at a private gym in your area.

Manhattan isn’t the thinnest county in New York State for nothing. Until the weather decides to settle into some warmer temperatures, check out one of NYC’s many gyms to rack some quality gym time together. Equinox, New York Sports Club, David Barton Gym and Crunch all have locations close to the NYU campus. Check out their websites for any free promotions or trial periods, or better yet, pop into a location and speak to a representative about trying out the gym. (Remember to be polite and express a genuine interest in their facilities; no one likes a freeloader with a case of the gimme-gimmes.) Trial sessions can range from a day to a month, which gives you and your boo plenty of time to work up a sweat together. (And hey, if all else fails, there’s always Palladium.)

Post-workout fuel: Energy Kitchen, various locations (closest to NYU are on Christopher Street in the West Village, or 17th Street in Chelsea.)

Don’t let all your hard work in the weight room go to waste! Shower quickly and haul ass up to Energy Kitchen, a pseudo-fast food burger joint where all the menu options clock in under 500 calories. Fuel your muscle growth with the Energy Breakfast Sandwich, stuffed with five egg whites and wrapped in shiny silver paper. Wash down the creative burgers (chicken! veggie! bison! ostrich!) with protein shakes, or grab a super-healthy soup and salad to go. There’s even a protein brownie for you two to gaze longingly at each other over. Let those spiking endorphins do the rest!


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