Clickage 02/16

16 Feb

Prop 8 Judge’s Open, Irrelevant Secret
Erwin Chemerinsky, founding dean of University of California- Irvine School of Law, on speculations about U.S. districut judge Vaughn R. Walker’s sexual orientation.

No Opt-Out for Gay Topics in Ontario School Systems?
This handout given to teachers in the Ontario school system has prompted backlash from, among others, Michael Cripps of the Hamilton Mountain News (Parents have no rights! Ahhh!!)

First-Ever Olympic PRIDE House Exhibits Portraits of LGBT Athletes
PRIDE House will exhibit work by American photographer Jeff Sheng during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Sheng’s photo series Fearless depicts LGBT athletes across the U.S. Another must-see is this excerpt from Sheng’s photography book on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“The Real World: Washington, D.C”: Baby, bi, bi, bi.
AfterEllen on the way the cast of The Real World: DC is (mis)handling housemate Mike’s bisexuality.

BLoGT’s Glitter Sleuth on The 7 Newsletters You Should be Following for deals and steals around the city.

Ewan McGregor: Filthy and Gorgeous chats with Ewan McGregor about, among other things, his queer role opposite Jim Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris.

Universities Continue A National Disgrace
David Mixner on sanctioned discrimination against LGBTs in ROTC scholarships (further complicated by the 1996 “Solomon Amendment” that allows the Secretary of Defense to deny colleges federal funding if they do not allow ROTC on campus).

Michael Phelps, former publisher of The Advocate, died last week at the age of 45.

1959 Conviction Still Haunts Gay Man Seeking Work
John Crawford, 70, was convicted in Great Britai  in1959  for having consensual sex with another man and is trying to have the conviction removed from his record. He is still required to reveal the episode when asked if he has ever been convicted in any criminal offense.

Texas Attorney General Intervenes in Gay Divorce Case
Greg Abbott has filed a petition to intervene with Democratic state District Judge Scott Jenkins’ decision to grant a divorce to a lesbian couple (married in Massachusetts) living in Austin, Texas.

One in tin: OK gay seeks “IM GAY” okay
Oklahoma student Keith Kimmell’s request to have “IM GAY” printed on his license plate was denied. Kimmell is suing the state for violating his First Amendment rights.

Police LGBT Liaison Units: How Effective Are They?
EdgeBoston examines police LGBT liaison units up close in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Chicago.

Modern Family’s Moon Man
The Advocate‘s interview with Eric Stonestreet, who plays gay spouse/dad Cameron on ABC’s Modern Family.

Time to Die, GLAAD. Time to Die.
The Sword is mad at GLAAD again. Always amusing (certainly puts my rant about John Mayer in perspective, though he really is a pig).


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