Is same-sex marriage “the last straw” for Jesus?

9 Feb

I briefly made note of this in a Clickage series the other day, but just in the interest of queer LOLs and without any particular further analysis, I’d like to call your attention back to Megan Phelps. Phelps, the sort-of heiress to the throne of the Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church,

–yes, these guys–was recently interviewed by Andrew Belonsky on gay blog AkaWilliam. Please, please check out the full interview here (Belonsky does a great job of asking all the right questions and keeping his composure). I enjoyed the following excerpt extra-muchly:

AB: Regarding your church’s opposition to gay rights — we’ve seen an explosion of anti-gay marriage groups, like the National Organization for Marriage, because of the entire Proposition 8 thing. What is your church’s position on groups like that, or Focus on the Family? Are you guys fighting the same fight?

MP: No. [Laughs.] Those people, I would say, it’s too little, too late. Same-sex marriage is a fait accompli in this nation. I remember taking a government class and they were talking about the full faith and credit clause of the constitution. If all these states have to recognize marriages from other states and you already have Massachusetts, Iowa – they have same-sex marriage. The constitution trumps DOMA, so doesn’t everyone have to recognize those marriages? That’s a fact. Same-sex marriage is fait accompli. It’s going to happen. It’s going to be everywhere and I’m pretty sure that trial in California, I would be willing to bet that they’re going to say that homosexuals have the right to marry and it’s going to spread all across this nation. And I am happy about that.

AB: You’re happy about that?

MP: I am happy about that. Here’s why: it is a sign. This generation is going to be destroyed and their destruction is imminent and that destruction can’t come until their cup of iniquity is full and everything that they do is furtherance of that. This isn’t going to get better. It’s never going to get better. It’s only going to get worse.

AB: There’s no way to make it better?

MP: There’s no way to make it better. It’s only going to get worse. My question is, “How fast and when exactly?  What is that final straw that is going to cause the wrath of God to pour out and destroy this generation?”

AB: Good questions.

MP: When you read about the words of Jesus Christ about the last days, I’m pretty sure the final straw is going to be same-sex marriage. That’s what I think, and until I’m proven wrong, that’s what I’m going to think.

Oh man! Not torture, not terrorism, not even straight-up-blasphemy, but secular recognition of marriage contracts between consenting adults? Is this really the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Once again, don’t forget to check out Andrew Belonsky’s full interview and feel free to send us your comments (at BLoGT, we are always interested in what you think will bring on the Apocalypse).


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