Last night’s Super Bowl ads?

8 Feb

So–though I’d prefer not to link to Yahoo! News OR mention football twice in two days on this blog–Yahoo did put out a recap of last night’s Super Bowl ads that took an interesting focus on the ads’ portrayals of masculinity.

The article cites Dove, Dodge, and FloTV as putting up ads with “an attack on manliness.”

Dodge’s ad, for its macho Charger car, featured a voice-over of a man agreeing to all the indignities that come with long-term relationships. But, the ad contends, men draw the line when it comes to their cars.

You’re a guy and you’ve been using “regular” Dove? For shame, sir! Fortunately, you’re not a lost cause. Now you can be a stud and use “Dove for Men.” The ad had a catchy tune about going from boyhood to manhood, and how “Dove for Men” can help you along the way.

FloTV, which lets you stream shows (and manly sports like football), took aim at “spineless” guys who hold their girlfriends’ purses and get dragged around in the mall, when they could be watching football. Jim Nantz narrates the ad, the third (by our count) that aims to inspire the dudes to be more dude-ish.

In another ad (in which the beloved Betty White starred), a player in a pickup football game growls at one of his teammates, “Dude! You play like Betty White!”

The ads ranged from dopey-blockheaded to sort-of offensive, and perhaps this is business-as-usual for Super Bowl ad slots, but it was a bit much to watch two hours of grunting, sweaty machismo broken up by…ads filled with grunting, sweaty machismo. (Yeah, I watched it–remember how much I like Scott Fujita?) Even more so, it’s disappointing to see such a narrow vision of masculinity repeatedly pushed by the media.

What were your thoughts, dear queers?


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