Clickage 02/05

5 Feb

LGBT news for you!

All Love, No H8 at NYC Photoshoot: 500+ Pose for Gay Marriage
The NOH8 Campaign came to NYC for an open shoot at the Empire Hotel.

Watch: Jesuit Students Stage Gay Rights Sit-in at College Game
When John Carroll University refused to include protection of LGBT students in its anti-discrimination policy, students organized a sit-in at a school basketball game. Watch the video on TowleRoad.

Attention NYUers: Greenwich Village’s St. Vincent’s Hospital is in danger of closing. The New York Times lays out the specifics in Hospital Network Withdraws Proposal to Take Over St. Vincent’s and Advocate tackles the LGBT angle in Pioneering AIDS Hospital Faces Closure.

Megan Phelps Explains it All, Sort Of
Megan Phelps, heiress to the Westboro Baptist Church (of “God Hates Fags”), is interviewed by gay blog AkaWilliam. My favorite quote: “When you read about the words of Jesus Christ about the last days, I’m pretty sure the final straw is going to be same-sex marriage.”

Do Gay Men Have Evolutionary Edge?
“A new study by Canadian researchers adds weight to the theory that the evolutionary role of gay men may be to serve as ‘super uncles’ who help close family members survive.”

A few NYTimes takes on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Admiral’s Opposition to Gay Policy Was Years in the Making, and these letters to the Editor.

Marriage Study: “Equality” Message Not Working
An interesting piece about a recent study by think tank Third Way on “middle” (moderate) voters. Advocate sums it up nicely, but you can also read the full report here.

AfterElton takes on CBS through comics / hilarity ensues / obviously: CBS rejects gay ads but doesn’t mind sexist ones.

LGBT Capital Fund First for Gay Market
“LGBT Capital,” a corporate advisory and investment management unit set up by Galileo Capital Management, is the first to deal exclusively with the LGBT market.

Oliver North Warns of Pedophile Danger if Military Gay Ban Repealed
We are once again overwhelmed by the civility and journalistic integrity of Sean Hannity and his guests.

They Loved Her in ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ Not So Much in Joan Jett’s.
Good-As-You on the controversy over homoeroticism between Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning’s Cherie Currie in the upcoming biopic The Runaways.

N.Y. Candidate Flip-flops on Marriage
Bob Friedrich (who ran as a Democrat in the primary for city council and a Republican in the general election) just can’t seem to make up his mind.


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