Clickage 02/01

1 Feb

LGBT news for you!

Forces Pushing Obama On “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
The New York Times talks about the buildup to hearings that may end the military’s discriminatory ban on gays.

‘No Place for Hate’ Banner Debate Ignites Town in Wymong
Towle Road follows up on Wheatland High School in Wyoming, where the school board has upheld the removal of posters put up by the Anti-Defamation League.

Scientists say crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs
A new study is a breakthrough in HIV drug research.

Bisexuals on Television: A Lopsided Trend
Edge Boston on the popularity of televised woman-on-woman romance and the relative scarcity of onscreen male affection.

Gay Dating Site’s Super Bowl Ad Rejected by CBS
Though the network will air an ad from Focus on the Family.

Pope Benedict Precedes UK Visit By Bashing Gays
His visit will target new UK equality and anti-discrimination laws.

Shame on John McCain
David Mixner’s op-ed denouncing John McCain for leading the charge against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Atlanta Gay Newspaper Disappears
The Atlanta Free Press is gone, likely due to lack of funding.

Tegan and Sara’s Online Exclusives from Pop Lab
Yes please, we love the Quin Twins.

The Nate Berkus Show is a Go As Gay Men Finally Break the Daytme Talk Barrier in the US.
Check out AfterElton’s piece on upcoming gay talk show host Nate Berkus!


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