Clickage 01/27

27 Jan

LGBT news for you!

David Cameron: Teach Children To Treat Gay People Equally
Cameron, a conservative leader in the U.K. Parliament, speaks out on teaching acceptance and equal treatment for gays to children in schools.

In Blow to Adoption Ban, Miami Judge Awards Child to Lesbian Couple
Judge Maria Sapmredo-Igleslia’s ruling is in direct defiance of a statewide ban on adoptions by gay couples.

GLAAD Calls on CBS to Explain Decision to Air Tim Tebow ‘Focus on the Family’ Super Bowl Ad
Keep in mind that CBS refused to air a 2004 ad about tolerance from the United Church of Christ…

Wedding Bells in May for Jane Lynch and Laura Embry
I’ll just say it, I LOVE gay marriage. Love it a lot.

Maggie Gallagher: “I’m in favor of marriage equality”
Good-As-You follows the back-and-forth between Maggie Gallagher (“I’m in favor of marriage equality,” just not, you know, for gay people) and Jeremy Hooper, who is right on the ball.

Why Abdellah Taia Had to Die in Order to Live does a beautiful piece on gay Moroccan writer Abdellah Taia, who came out in a newspaper interview in 2006 in a decision to “say things with meaning” rather than abide by the “hypocrisy in Moroccan society.”

Gay Students Protest Notre Dame Hate Cartoon
Notre Dame’s student-run newspaper, The Observer, has issued an apology after printing a comic strip on January 13th in which one character asks, “What’s the best way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?” and the other responds, “A baseball bat.”

LGBT Youth Antismoking Campaign
Ohio’s state health department has launched ButtOut Ohio, targeted at reducing moking among LGBT youth.

The Top 50 Lesbian Songs are not just from lesbians
AfterEllen says TopGaySongs’ list contains “some head scratchers and glaring omissions,” and offers its own picks instead. Including “Since U Been Gone.”

Glitter Sleuth Reviews Briar Rose
BLoGT’s beloved contributor reviews new musical”Briar Rose: The Tale of Sleeping Beauty,” which just premiered in midtown.

Stay updated with Advocate’s Wednesday recap: Federal Prop. 8 Trial.

This is a Witness for the Defense?
Straight Talk on Marriage takes on Prop 8’s “expert” witness David Blankenhorn.

Sarah Silverman is Back- and She Has the Gays to Thank!
AfterElton interviews Sarah Silverman.

eHarmony Finally Settles Gay Discrimination Case
…Now users can use both the “straight site” and the “gay site” without paying double fees!

Taco Bell Addresses Reports That Transphobic Radio Ads Are Still Airing
This one doesn’t lend itself to a one-line description, but it’s an interesting case of transphobia in the mass media that you should all check out.


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