Date Night: The Broke College Student

22 Jan

She’s got student loans out the nose and two jobs to boot. How to get your girl out of the house without breaking the bank?

Theater: Blue Man Group, Astor Place Theater, 434 Lafayette Street

One of New York’s funniest, most inventive pieces of audience-participatory theater is a hop, skip and a jump away from the NYU campus. It’s also always looking for free labor. Forget about buying $29 student rush tickets; instead, call the box office and volunteer to usher for the show. Invariably, the receptionist will be glad to have you whenever you’re free. On the day of your choosing, you’ll show up no more than half an hour before the curtain and get briefed on how to seat theater-goers and hand out programs. For ten minutes of easy, fulfilling work, you get to see the show for free from the back row of the theater, which has a surprisingly good view of the stage. Pitch in for another ten minutes of super-fast theater cleanup after the performance and you’re free to go, none poorer but certainly culturally richer.

Dinner: Crocodile Lounge, 325 East 14th St near 1st Ave

Head uptown and east a few avenues to this buzzing hangout spot, chock full of NYU kids. Here’s the game plan: Buy $5 beer. Bring ticket to back counter. Receive free pizza. (I’m not kidding.) Eat. Drink. Babble over the awesome theater you just saw. Repeat. When this gets old, challenge your date to a game of Skee Ball in the arcade in back. Let her win.


One Response to “Date Night: The Broke College Student”

  1. Brianne January 22, 2010 at 10:47 pm #

    or, if your date is on a Thursday night, go gallery hopping in Chelsea and swoon her with your knowledge of art and all the free wine is sure to get her home in your bed by 9pm.

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