AfterEllen’s Fake Gay News: “Kinsey Scale to Be Replaced by a Bottle of Tequila”

18 Jan

We’ll engage in a more in-depth discussion of sexuality-as-spectrum later, but today, BLoGT just wants to share this amusing tidbit from one AfterEllen’s December FakeGayNews Round-up.

“Nothing more accurately measures post-millennial sexual fluidity in female subjects than shot after shot of Cuervo.”

Other headlines include “Area Woman Still a Lesbian After Meeting the Right Guy,” “Search for Women Who Would Not Go Gay for Angelina Jolie Called Off,” and “Leading Cause of Gay People Found to Be Straight People” (“Shocking results of a recent study show the leading cause of gay people is the straight people who give birth to them, and not gay converters…”). Priceless. Check it out, dear queers!


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