Queer Slang of the Week

12 Jan

Thanks to ACO, we now know “E” is for…

Epicene (adj): having characteristics typical of the opposite sex, partaking of both male and female characteristics, or lacking one’s physical gender distinction.

ACO says: Basically… Oscar Wilde.


One Response to “Queer Slang of the Week”

  1. miningenrichesourlives January 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    not according to dictionary.com:


    1. belonging to, or partaking of the characteristics of, both sexes: Fashions in clothing are becoming increasingly epicene.
    2. flaccid; feeble; weak: an epicene style of writing.
    3. effeminate; unmasculine.
    4. (of Greek and Latin nouns) of the same gender class regardless of the sex of the being referred to, as Latin vulpēs “fox or vixen” is always grammatically feminine.
    5. Grammar. (of a noun or pronoun) capable of referring to either sex, as attendant, chairperson, Kim, one, or they; having common gender.
    6. a person or thing that is epicene.


    it seems to only go one way. :(

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