Clickage 01/12

12 Jan

LGBT news for you!

Ford Talks Gay Marriage in Op-ed
Harold Ford, Jr. flip-flops on gay marriage- what do you think? David Mixner responds, Does Harold Ford Think the LGBT Community Is Stupid?

Gay Legislators: We Need to Get Us One
David Taffet of the Dallas Voice speaks on the need for an LGBT official in the Texas state legislature (where there have been none since Glen Maxey’s departure).

Check out TowleRoad’s comprehensive Music News: Winter/Spring 2010 Preview featuring Goldfrapp, Toni Braxton, and Corinne Bailey Rae, and AfterEllen’s New Music Tuesday featuring my favorite sugary Canadian popstar, Lights.

Fewer Divorces in Gay-Friendly States
Get this: new numbers show that divorce rates may be lower in states without constitutional bans on same-sex marriage. Nate Silver reports that “states which had enacted a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage as of 1/1/08 saw their divorce rates rise 0.9 percent over the five-year interval.”

Connecticut activists welcome Blumenthal’s U.S. Senate bid
Blumenthal–a Connecticut Democrat with a long history of supporting LGBT rights–seeks to fill Chris Dodd’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Lure of Dating an Ex-Lesbian
examines the rise of the “hasbian.”

NY Senate Panel Recommends Censure or Expulsion for Monserrate
Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) was among the “no” votes on last year’s marriage equality bill. Monserrate was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend but acquitted of a felony.

Face to Face: Pink Martini interviews frontman Thomas Lauderdale about the band’s new album, Splendor in the Grass.

Gays vs. Democratic Party
James Kirchick of Advocate warns readers “They’re fond of your checkbooks–and deaf to your demands for equal rights.”

DADT Repeal: Dems Move Forward With Plans
Of course, let’s not forget from a Queer Youtube of weeks past that many higher-ups in the armed forces still consider The Gays “too precious to risk in combat.”


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