Clickage 01/07

8 Jan

LGBT news for you!

New Jersey Senate Votes Down Marriage Equality Bill
Extremely disappointing–all the same, I think it’s worth reading the articulate and impassioned pleas for marriage equality made by certain N.J. state senators.

UPDATE: Uganda Reportedly to Remove Death Penalty from Anti-Gay Bill
But this op-ed from the Washington Post points out that “this retreat from the death sentence originally proposed should neither be celebrated nor considered a concession by the government in response to pressure from the United States and other nations. The proposal is barbaric.”

The Children Are Our Future
An interesting Dan Savage op-ed about the very different world children (including his own) are growing up in.

Portugal to Pass Marriage Equality Legislation
Five months before the Pope visits!

The Best of Out 2009: Celebrity Interviews
Kathy Griffin, RuPaul, Tori Amos, Anna Paquin…Brooke Hogan…

U.S. Lawmakers (R) Still Futzing With Peace
Thirty-nine Republican legislators have filed an amicus brief calling for a public marriage referendum in D.C.

Laughing Matters
Boyculture responds to David Letterman’s sketch on Amanda Simpson.

New York LGBT activists balk at Ford Senate candidacy
Empire State Pride Agenda executive director Alan Van Capelle is calling reports of Harold Ford Jr.’s challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand “disturbing.”

In Bed With…Nicholas Rodriguez continues its video interview series with Broadway and soap opera star Nicholas Rodriguez, whom you’ll see later this year in the Sex and the City sequel.

Monkey Uncaged: Can’t Butch and Femme Men Just Get Along?
Brent Hartinger discusses masculinity in the gay community and urges effeminate and traditionally masculine men to reconcile their differences.


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