Clickage 01/06

6 Jan

LGBT news for you!

Hate Begets Hate
“The U.S. and others should make clear to Uganda that if it passes a law imposing the death sentence for homosexual behavior, it will be shunned globally.” -NYTimes

Amnesty International Calls for Release of Jailed Gay Malawi Couple
Two gay men married in a traditional ceremony in Malawi (where homosexuality is a crime) have been arrested and held without bail.

Activists, HRC Respond to Letterman Skit
On Tuesday, David Letterman  poked fun at Amanda Simpson, the first trans woman ever appointed by a president, and was criticized in a letter from the HRC: “the punch line in your skit has been used as a defense in nearly every hate crime perpetrated against transgender people that has come to trial.”

Book Reviews: The Best Gay Teen Novel Ever
Brent Hartinger reviews The Vast Fields of Ordinary: “while the main character is real and flawed, he’s also—horror of horrors in some literary circles, apparently—quite likable.”

More news after my favorite LGBT headline in a while:

We can now bury our partners in Rhode Island with less hassle. Jealous, heteros?

Michael DiMartino’s Brand of Body Language interviews sign language interpreter Michael DiMartino, whom many of you will recognize from his videos for songs like “Womanizer” and “Bad Romance.”

BLoGT’s Glitter Sleuth reveals ModCloth, noting that “for as much as ModCloth delivers online, it often falls short in person,” citing “shockingly shoddy” quality–though she “look[s] forward to seeing what ModCloth cooks up in the future.”

Vote in the 2nd Annual Gay People’s Choice Awards AND the 1st Annual Lesbian/Bi People’s Choice Awards online for your favorite movie stars, TV shows, and more.

And finally, NYU queers, two NYC news clips:

Quinn Re-elected as NYC Council Speaker
Openly gay council member Christine Quinn is reelected to her position as speaker (her challenger, Charles Barron, received one vote).

Anti-Gay Former TN Congressman Weighs Bid to Unseat Gillibrand
Courtesy of Towle Road. The New York Times reports that Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee is seriously considering a run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (recently named one the Top Five Straight Allies in Congress for 2009).


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