Queer in the Classroom: The Power of the Gays

28 Dec

Here we commence our “Queer in the Classroom” series. These can be funny, serious, or academic. As you’ll see below, it’s okay if ties to the subject matter are tenuous at best–if it made you laugh, let’s hear it. At the same time, feel free to chime in about anything cool and queer you’re reading or learning in class.

Today ACO shares her experience learning about The Power of the Gays.

I’m sitting in class, starring down at the blank space between the table and my lap. We’re halfway through class, and I am having trouble focusing on the discussion as my stomach roars softly. My ears receive the information that my professor relays in spurts.
“…written in 1443…Italian Renaissance…example of the power of the gays…”
My ears perk. I look around at everyone else in the room to see if this has caught their attention. Power of the gays? Hell yeah, power of the gays.
I grab the arms of my chair and slide up to straighten my posture. My right hand grips my pen tighter than before. But no one else seems the least bit stirred. Then the professor walks to the dry erase board and scrawls the words “power of the gaze” across the white slate and I slouch back into my chair.


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