Clickage 12/27

27 Dec

LGBT news for you!

Two orders of business if you love lists like I love lists: names the Top Five Straight Allies in Congress for 2009. NYU-ers, let’s be happy that Senator Kristen Gillibrand is on the list! You should ALSO check out Out Magazine’s “Out 100” men and women of 2009.

Immigration Bill Leaves Out Gays describes how the House’s recent “comprehensive” immigration reform bill “intentionally left out protection for gay and lesbian immigrants.” TowleRoad reports on the bill here: Gays and Lesbians in the Cold on Immigration Reform Bill

Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Hits D.C. Public Transportation
Stand for Marriage D.C. has placed anti-gay ads on D.C. Metrobuses.

More, after the jump!

Why Do Some Come Out So Late in Life?
PlanetOut explores this issue in light of Meredith Baxter’s recent coming-out Dr. Allen Rix’s forthcoming novel Ex-Gay No Way.

Sex and the City 2 Trailer Features Glimpse of Gay Wedding
Check it out! This trailer appears to confirm rumors of a gay wedding in SITC2…

Economy Crushes Homophobia in Sports Project
Pat Griffin, the director of an initiative to fight homophobia in women’s sports, has been cut from her position due to economic difficulties.


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