Overheard at NYU

26 Dec

At BLoGT, we’re going to do our best every week to post a sort of “Queer Overheard at NYU.” Help us out here- this column depends on you! Comment, email us, or find us in person to tell us all the delightfully queer or un-PC things you’ve heard around campus.

Here are a few we’ve heard on our own time:

(via text): “Are you coming with tonight?”
Response: “hahahaa…I thought it was only for people who are gay.”

“Wait, so there are lipstick lesbians and what was the other one? Chopstick lesbians?”

(at a party at Gramercy, guy to girl): “No! You’re too cute to be gay!”

Female friend to two BLoGT contributors: “If you’re ever going to switch to gender-neutral pronouns, just…please remember your straight friends. No! I just mean it’s confusing!”

Same female friend, two weeks later (apologies, miss C) after a discussion of different gay ‘types’: “I don’t think straight people have all these different categories. I mean, we have ‘slut,’ but that’s kind of universal.”

And here are a few we’ve pilfered from Facebook’s “Overheard at NYU,” after the jump:

Outside Upstein: “So we’re going to South Africa together, isn’t that romantic? I mean I know he likes guys, but he can be my boyfriend for four months; gay doesn’t even exist there.”

My Acting Teacher: “Everyone wants to kiss a girl because Katy Perry liked it.”

WTE Professor: “What do you mean children are born homosexual? All kids come out with an attraction to their mother’s boob!”

Before a media lecture: “I forgot people are straight here.”


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