Clickage 12/20

20 Dec

Gay MP inundated with calls of support after Christmas card controversy

When Scott Brison, Nova Scotia’s Liberal MP, posed with his husband and dog in the Canadian wilderness for a photo that wound up as their Christmas card, he didn’t expect the initial bigoted backlash, or the larger, much warmer supportive embrace of his constituents. Good will towards men, indeed.

9th Circuit Ready for Trial Court Close-ups
Want your Prop 8 arguments live on TV? They could be coming to a TV near you very soon. Cameras have been authorized for certain district court proceedings in the 9th Circuit – that’d be in San Fran where Boies & Olson will be arguing the constitutionality of denying same sex marriage. THE trial of the (new) century!

Speaking of getting gaymarried, it’s one of the New York Times’ Buzzwords of 2009.

“gaymarry, gay-marry – To marry someone of the same sex. Also used hyperbolically to mean to form an unconventional relationship, as in, ‘I love my new cellphone so much I want to gay-marry it.'” Personally, I prefer a cellphone with full civil rights as part of the contract.


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