Clickage 12/18

19 Dec

LGBT news for you!

Watch: Washington D.C. Mayor Fenty Signs Marriage Equality Bill
Pretty self-explanatory…but also pretty cool. Watch Adrian Fenty sign the historic D.C. marriage equality bill, courtesy of

Couple Attempt Divorce in Texas reports on a lesbian couple married in Massachusetts five years ago and now trying to obtain a divorce in Texas. I suppose it amuses me that Texas loves gay marriage so much that it just won’t let these two give up.

On, The Gayest Christmas Songs and The Gayest Video Games.

More after the jump!

Jeering Jennings: FRC puts their camera where their obsessive, unprincipled attacks have long been.
Good As You puts it nicely: “I guess it’s just coincidence that the two overqualified appointments/nominees that these social conservatives are hellbent on destroying (Chai Feldblum being the other) just so happen to be gay. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.”

Federal Agency Denies Benefits to Spouse of Lesbian Employee
Also on Towleroad; examines “the White House’s order to the Office of Personnel Management to defy a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge’s order to provide health benefits to the spouse of a lesbian employee.”

“Out writer Kim Turrisi and soap siren Crystal Chappell collaborate on a hot new Web series that could change the way we view dyke drama.”


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