Welcome to BLoGT!

15 Dec

Welcome to NYU’s brand-new and very neat queer blog. BLoGT wants to give a voice to queer students and allies and serve as a channel for LGBT student expression that has, until now, been missing at NYU.

Take, for instance, the controversy that erupted when Thio Li-Ann of the National University of Singapore was slated to teach at NYU’s law school this fall. Li-Ann’s inflammatory stance on criminalizing homosexuality (which she has characterized as a “gender identity disorder”) understandably struck a nerve in NYU’s LGBT community. Discussion of Li-Ann’s invitation to teach subsided when she decided not to come to NYU, but there are still, I believe, important lessons to learn in the wake of the incident.

Consider the fact that the controversy peaked mid-summer, when NYU students were dispersed across the globe and unable to mobilize on campus. Beyond the creation of a Facebook group and the circulation of an online petition, queer students were left without means for expression. At the time, no organized forum existed in which students could discuss the anger and indignation they felt or debate the complexities and tensions of academic freedom.

In short, this is the kind of void BLoGT intends to fill. But while we feel that it serves this important purpose (and lots of other, highly noble purposes as well), I can tell you that this blog will also be a lot of fun.

I like this blog because I love being gay. I really do. And this blog will always be about that serious, big-deal, wonderful love. I am happy and lucky to belong to this amazing community, and I want to share that with you. Being queer means taking part in an incredible and ever-evolving dialogue on LGBT rights, issues, and culture. I want everyone to have a chance to be a part of that conversation.

But you might like our blog for any number of reasons. Given what we have in store for the next few months, I can tell you that you’ll like it if you love Tina Fey, if you bend your gender, or if you’re that “token straight friend.” If you vote, eat, date, shop, live in New York, or watch Youtube videos, we made this blog for you.

On behalf of BLoGT’s editorial board, welcome. We want to hear your stories.



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