Clickage 12/15

15 Dec

BLoGT will bringing you the day’s top LGBT news links. If you read any good news stories, post them as comments or email us at!

As we get started, here are a few links from the past week, after the jump:

12/08/2009, New York Times: “Death Penalty for Gays? Uganda Debates Proposal.”
A look at a disturbing legislation proposal in Uganda that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

12/09/2009, British Journal of Photography: “Queer as Folk”
BJP reports on celebrity portraitist Jason Bell, who photographed every member of the Out 100 roll of honor.

12/13/2009, NPR: “Parker Wins in Houston.”
A piece on the election of Annise Parker, who was just elected mayor of Houston, TX. Houston is the largest U.S. city ever to elect an LGBT mayor.

12/14/2009: Lady GaGa’s PSA on homelessness and LGBT youth.

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